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Find out Information about Utilities offered in the City of Medina.


Name of water service provider City of Medina
Permitted Capacity (MGD) 5
Average Use (MGD) 3.2
Excess Capacity (MGD) 1.8
Name of sewerage provider Medina County
Permitted Capacity (MGD) 15
Average Capacity (MGD) 10
Excess Capacity (MGD) 5
Name of electric provider Ohio Edison
Description of distribution lines serving the Area 12,500 volts primary service, Secondary service varies depending on the customers requirements 
Average rate per kilowatt hour for industrial customers in region Small commercial or industrial w/secondary standard service - approx. $.10 range;
 Medium sized customer (owns their own transformer) - approx. $.07 - $.08 range;
 Larger customer (owns substation) - approx. $.06 - $.07 range
Natural Gas  
Name of natural gas distribution and transportation provider Columbia Gas of Ohio
Main Size serving Site 4"
Pressure 30 PSI 
Solid Waste  
Name of solid waste collection, transfer, and disposal provider City of Medina 
Rate for solid waste (generally)  $125 per haul plus $58.00 per ton
Rate for solid waste (composite)  $5.50 per cubic yard and $125 per haul

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Armstrong (Voip, High Speed Internet)


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