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Tax Information

Ohio's 3rd straight Governor’s Cup is further proof that the state's efforts to redesign its business climate are working.

Similar to the State's actions of tax reform, Medina County is the first Ohio County to address how the residents finance the capital projects in their school districts. The commissioners voted to use a .5 % of the alloted 2% sales tax to finance the building and maintenance needs of the Medina County Schools. According to 2006 census, Medina County is the 5th fastest growing county in Ohio. The population growth places a burden upon our school districts to not only maintain but grow our classrooms. The new tax which does not increase the taxes of our property owners but draws from purchases made in the county has provided in its initial distribution to the districts  . With the addition of the .5% increase to the sales tax, only 4 counties of Ohio's 88 have a lesser tax than Medina County's 6.5%.

 In 2004 the city of Medina initiated a municipal income tax of 1.25%. Through strategic planning, efficiency studies, and a thorough budgeting process the city has remained fiscally strong during the current economic conditions.  

Questions regarding municipal income tax should be directed to the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA), located at 10107 Brecksville Road, Brecksville, Ohio. Their website is  They can also be reached by phone at 1-800-860-RITA or 440-526-0900.

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