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Economic Development

The mission of the Economic Development Office is to work effectively to retain, expand, promote, and attract businesses and industry within Medina so as to enhance the local economic climate, increase the City of Medina's tax base, increase the value of commerce, and create employment opportunities.

It is the responsibility of the Economic Development Office to:

  • Identify, promote, and facilitate the retention and expansion of existing businesses, and attract new business to the community
  • Implement the City's Economic Development Plan
  • Serve as the City's ombudsman to and cooperate with all business and industry in the resolution of any problems they may have and encourage the management of the same to have a constructive interest in the city
  • Coordiante the development and implementation of the City profile, marketing plan and City image
  • Serve as the City's represntative to the Medina County Economic Development Corporation, the Joint Economic Planning Committee and the Medina County Housing Network
  • Serve as the City's Certified Local Government Coordinator
  • Work with adjacent and regional communities in developing and coordinating econmic agreements and other cooperative efforts that benefit the community
  • Network with county, regional, state, and federal economic development entities and establish and maintain relationships with other economic development organizations at all levels and a variety of locations
  • Monitor local, state, and federal legislation and regulations relating to economic development and report finding and trends

Kimberly Rice, Economic Development Director


Office: (330) 764-3319

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