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Northeast Ohio’s colleges and universities comprise the second-largest concentration of educational resources in the nation. Many of the universities and technical schools in Northeast Ohio are leading institutions in industrial technology and research, including the areas of polymer science, biomedical engineering and flat panel display technology. 
Medina County University Center
With close proximity to 29 colleges and universities, a public school system ranked excellent by the State of Ohio, the award winning Medina Career Center, and the University of Akron's, Medina County University Center; the City of Medina is in the right place to prepare the workforce to meet the demands of today's global markets.

Medina City Schools:

The Medina City School District is a visionary organization whose mission is to:
Help students reach their maximum potential
Instill enthusiasm for learning  
Engage in partnerships with involved families and community

Congratulations are extended to the administration and faculty of the Medina City Schools for receiving the highest designation given by the State of Ohio, "Excellence with Distinction."              
The school district is experiencing enrollment growth as more and more parents and businesses are attracted to the area by its benefits. In 2009, two additional elementary schools were opened brining the total number of school buildings to 11 (1 high school, 2 middle schools, and 7 elementary schools) serving approximately 7,000 students. 

About two-thirds of the district's students will be transported by school bus to one of the eleven buildings.
  • High School (9-12): Medina High School is a comprehensive 4-year high school, accredited by the North Central Association. The school offers approximately 200 courses in college preparatory and technical arts.
  • Middle Schools (6-8): The two middle schools are designed on the "school-within-a-school" concept with teams of about 125 students being grouped with teams of about five teachers.
  • Elementary Schools (K-5): The district's five elementary schools each have their own personalities, but all teach the same curriculum and have the same programs and resources available to them.
 Medina City Parochial School

St. Francis Xavier Catholic School (K-8):             
In keeping with the directives of the Bishops of the United States, Saint Francis Xavier School, a living Faith Community, reaches out to the individual, extending the message of the Gospel.

The entire staff strives to integrate religious truths and values with academic knowledge and skills, in order to help each young person reach his/her fullest potential. In this manner, we hope to assist him/her in developing spiritually, morally, emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially.

Realizing that parents are the first and primary teachers, Saint Francis Xavier School makes every effort to encourage creativity and to educate the "whole person” thereby developing basic lessons of obedience, respect for life, law and order, and consideration for one another, begun in the home.
With the above philosophy in mind, we are preparing students
St. Francis Xavier Catholic School 


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